Monday, July 23 @ 7PM
Dave Hill
Tasteful Nudes

Tasteful Nudes

I want you to meet DAVE HILL. Dave is like any other guy just trying to make it through life. And he wrote a new book called TASTEFUL NUDES…and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation
TASTEFUL NUDES is a collection of essays of Dave’s important life experiences and he hopes that maybe you, like him, can take away a few life lessons from them and—who knows—maybe even grow as a person or something. At once hilarious, disturbing, and touching, his collection of mind-blowing (and mildly superlative) essays recollect real life adventures of a grown man who hasn’t borrowed money from any of his family members in a seriously long time. Some of these experiences include:
How Dave accidentally arranged a lunch date with a high-end prostitute or became an unwitting accomplice to the theft of three hundred pounds of meat

  • What it’s like to spend five long hours inside Sing Sing prison with 300 murderers and rapists
  • The highs (and mostly lows) of coming to a party dressed as Santa Claus
  • The simple beauty of losing your innocence to a Japanese toilet
  • The importance of rocking the f@#k out of people
  • Being forced to spend the afternoon posing as a Cleveland police officer when all you really wanted was a sandwich

You know—just average, run-of-the-mill stuff.
Nearly every page is packed with red-hot action, startling emotion and borderline futuristic insights all delivered in scorching and largely grammatically correct verse. DAVE HILL wrote this book mainly to make people laugh and maybe touch a few hearts. And he told me, if it ends up leading to sex for him, well that’s just a bonus.

I run into Dave Hill all the time at the coffee shop in our neighborhood. He's always unshaven and badly hungover, with some 16-year-old groupie from Cleveland in tow—and he's just as funny then as he is in Tasteful Nudes. He is my idol.” —Malcolm Gladwell

Dave Hill speaks, rocks, and now writes with a voice so powerful and funny and compelling that I’m pretty sure he's channeling some weird god from another dimension. Basically, this dude is a comedic Cthulhu, and when you read this book, you will either go COMPLETELY MAD or BECOME A SLAVE TO HIS MAD GENIUS. Pray for the latter.” —John Hodgman

"This book should affirm Dave Hill's rightful place as a major American humor writer. You will laugh.  Buy two and brighten a friend's life as well." —Dick Cavett

"This book, in addition to being a hilariously fun read, is exactly the kind of book that will get Dave Hill totally laid." —Andy Richter

DAVE HILL is a comedian, writer, musician, and man-about-town originally from Cleveland but now living in New York City in an apartment all by himself because he is a grown man. He has written for The New York Times, Salon, The Huffington Post, NY Daily News, Guitar World and a bunch of other people, too. He is a regular contributor to public radio’s This American Life and starred in his own TV series, The King of Miami, which was canceled, even though Dave really liked it. He has also appeared on Comedy Central, BBC America, MTV, and Adult Swim and is a regular host on HBO and Cinemax. Dave stages his own chat variety show, The Dave Hill Explosion, at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatres in New York and Los Angeles, and also in London, wherever it is tolerated. Dave plays in several rock bands and is so good at the guitar that most people can’t even handle it. Dave also smells really nice—ask anyone.



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